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2016 W/VE Island QSO Party
Aug. 27 1200z to Aug. 28 0300z
2016 W/VE Island QSO Party
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2015 W/VE Island QSO Party
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2016 W/VE Island QSO Party
27 August 12:00z - 28 Aug. 0300z
Planned Operations

Quicksilver Radio is sponsoring a First Place plaque for the Expedition catagory.

Call USI# Name Bands/Mode Notes
N6OV CA076L Silver 75/40/20/10 SSB Expedition - Bishop ARC 
40/20/15/10 SSB Rover - KF4BAN Bob and NS4Jay in the Potomac River.
NF4GA GA031L Pine 40/20/15/10 SSB Expedition - North Fulton ARC
N4SVC FL528S North Key 20 SSB Expedition
K8MDH MI096L Copper SSB Fixed
W8RD FL017S Honeymoon Expedition
NC6Q CA006S Naples Mostly CW, some SSB Expedition
K1MJM VA063 Cedar Expedition
W0WDR IA009R Dulins 20/40 SSB 100w Expedition
N1QLL ME109 Pond 20/30/40 CW/SSB Expedition, Wx and seas permitting
KO6FE CA078 Whaler 20/40/10 watts, SSB PSK31 Expedition
VA3TIC ON-023 Howe Expedition
VE3HRW ON-023 Howe Expedition
VE3DTG ON-289 Washburn Expedition
VE3FCT ON-009 Wolfe Expedition
VE3MNE ON-022 Simcoe Expedition
W0OJY SD005 Rush 20/17/15 SSB Expedition
VE3RRH ON-037 Byng 80-10 SSB Expedition
VE3RNF ON-037 Byng 80-10 SSB Expedition
KD9FM WI062 Green 40/20 SSB Expedition
W0OJY SD005 Rush 20/17/15  SSB Expedition
W4CN KY027R Embry a.k.a 12-Mile 40/20 SSB Expedition
ND9E IL003R, IL019L IL002R, MO006R 40/20 SSB Rover, MO003R
KF4UCC NC019S Big Collington 40/20 CW QRP
K2JF CT033 Johnson, aka Mother-in-Law
??? PR002S Culebra SOAT and USI
WP4Q PR021 SSB Rover PR017, PR021, PR023, PR024

USI Webmaster's Photo Pick

NS4Jay recent golf cart mobile activation from NY010R Wellesley island.
HamStick dipole.

One Day Getaway 2015 Photo Slide Show Link

USI Webmaster: Jay Chamberlain,   NS4J
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