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2013 W/VE QSO Party
20-21 Oct
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3.39 - 8 October 2013

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Would you like to activate an Official USi Special Event station?
    How about using a 1 x 1 expedition / special event call sign? It's very easy to get one assigned for a limited two week period. Visit the NCVEC website for details.
If you plan on using a 1x1 call, contact Jay NS4J with your proposed special event or island expedition and it will be added to the official special event list.

USi Webmaster's Photo Pick
Terry Joyner (W4YBV) and Jim Paine (N4SEC) set out on a fun adventure of qualifying three new islands off the west coast of Florida on May 2,3, and 4 with the USi.

USi Webmaster: Jay Chamberlain,   NS4J

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